Questions on startup & maintenance

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This is the place to find the answers to a variety of interesting questions relating to the changeover from the DriveGate customer portal to the new Online Support. The questions and answers are grouped by the process steps “Questions on engineering & selection”, “Questions on inquiry & order”, “Questions on delivery & material flow” and “Questions on startup & maintenance”. You will also come across this structure later on in Online Support.

Are you looking for CAD data, documents, software to download or technical information on your product? You’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions on this under “Questions on data & documents”.

How do I search for and order a spare part?

It´s easy to select spare parts via “Select spare part” using the SEW-EURODRIVE serial number or spare parts list and inquire or order it directly via the shopping cart. You can immediately see availability for the spare parts you require. When it comes to obsolete materials, we will display a suitable replacement. For the products you’ve selected, you can also view parts subject to wear and tear, e.g. brake linings, and order these at the same time if necessary.

This Guided Tour shows how to search for a spare part or replacement product

What is CDM® maintenance management?

CDM® maintenance management is a component of CDS® - Complete Drive Service and offers you transparency and safety for your entire system. Our CDM® maintenance management service is based on an inventory of the installed drive technology and the drive components in storage, and entry of the results in an online database. This database can be accessed via Online Support. Central recording of all data ensures effective assessment and planning of scheduled maintenance activity. Essential activities such as maintenance and repairs are displayed in the database. This means that a specific maintenance and response scenario can be defined for every drive component and this then undertaken by our service experts. Our CDM® maintenance management service therefore enables you to focus completely on getting the most out of your machinery or system.

What is the SEW-EURODRIVE troubleshooting?


Troubleshooting offers a guided analysis to help you eliminate the failure, and indicates possible causes as well as appropriate corrective measures. This online application makes the time-consuming search in operating instructions a thing of the past. The troubleshooting function is based on the failure tables of all available operating instructions from SEW-EURODRIVE. Just enter the serial number or type designation of your product to start the failure analysis. We will directly show you possible causes of the failure, and specify measures to rectify it. At the end of the failure analysis, you decide which of the failure rectification measures you want to use.


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