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This is the place to find the answers to a variety of interesting questions relating to the changeover from the DriveGate customer portal to the new Online Support. The questions and answers are grouped by the process steps “Questions on engineering & selection”, “Questions on inquiry & order”, “Questions on delivery & material flow” and “Questions on startup & maintenance”. You will also come across this structure later on in Online Support.

Are you looking for CAD data, documents, software to download or technical information on your product? You’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions on this under “Questions on data & documents”.

What’s the quickest way of selecting the product I want?

Our product configurator is the ideal tool for selecting and configuring SEW-EURODRIVE products, from gearmotors, motors, gear units, explosion-proof drives through to servo drive technology, inverter technology, decentralized drives and mechatronics products. Guided navigation supports you in configuring your product. Select your product category and search for your desired base configuration. In the steps that follow, you can select from countless versions and options. To finalize configuring your product, a summary enables you to re-check your configuration and technical data. All the documents and CAD models you require are available in your shopping cart following configuration. Naturally, you can also initiate an inquiry or order the product directly from here. You can also create a personal or company-wide template in the shopping cart for subsequent or regular use of the configuration tool.

This Guided Tour shows how to configure a product

Where can I find the templates I’ve already created in DriveGate?

Your templates with previously configured products from DriveConfigurator can be found in the transaction overview from now on. Simply search by the relevant template name and you can call up, modify or process your template further. You can save new templates via the shopping cart.

What is variant management?

Optional variant management allows us to support you in standardizing and minimizing product variants and simplifying your master data management. For instance, if you’re looking to deliver sustainable improvements to your processes with regards to design and the companies you collaborate with, variant management can help you achieve this. In variant management, we upload the SEW-EURODRIVE products you have inquired about or ordered to a database. Thanks to a wide range of filter and comparison options, you can make your selection from products that you’ve already used and can search based on a number of technical product features, e.g. motor power, output speed and output torque. The extensive database is chargeable and we will gladly advise you which of the many usage options are best suited to you. As an end user, you can utilize variant management to significantly reduce the quantity of SEW-EURODRIVE replacement products you keep in stock, for example.

How do I quickly find a complete replacement product in Online Support?

Under “Select replacement product”, you’ll find support in selecting a complete replacement product. The process is quick, saving you valuable time. By entering the SEW-EURODRIVE serial number, you can access information about the product in question, technical data and CAD data. A 3D view of the product will also be displayed. What’s more, you can submit an inquiry about a suitable replacement drive or order this directly from us. Simply add your replacement product to the shopping cart.

What is the safety technology selection aid?

The Safety Configuration Library is a guide for selecting safety technology components. A navigator will guide you through selecting and configuring the safety concept you require. Each selection contributes towards creating an appropriate concept image. This is greatly simplified and provides an overview of the essential components. Upon completing configuration, you will receive a full concept image for the safety functions that can be realized. You can download this concept image as a PDF file and use this in the planning stage.

What are the energy efficiency tools?

Using energy-efficient motors is of major importance when it comes to increasing the efficiency of automation systems. We offer various tools like a conversion aid for energy-efficient motors and the energy efficiency calculator to determine potential for energy and CO2 savings so as to support you in finding the right motors for you.

How do I inquire about or order a product?

There are a number of different ways of accessing the central Online Support shopping cart. Under “Create an inquiry or order”, you can add a product to your shopping cart, make a final check and submit your inquiry or order to us. Your data is transferred electronically to the respective sales department directly where it will be processed without delay. As a result, we can send your confirmation directly. A mini shopping cart features across the whole website at all times and can be managed directly.

This Guided Tour shows exactly how to send an inquiry or order a product.


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