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This is the place to find the answers to a variety of interesting questions relating to the changeover from the DriveGate customer portal to the new Online Support. The questions and answers are grouped by the process steps “Questions on engineering & selection”, “Questions on inquiry & order”, “Questions on delivery & material flow” and “Questions on startup & maintenance”. You will also come across this structure later on in Online Support.

Are you looking for CAD data, documents, software to download or technical information on your product? You’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions on this under “Questions on data & documents”.

What is “data & Documents”?

Data & documents is the central area in Online Support where we have grouped together CAD data, documents, technical product data and software. A search mask enables you to quickly access the data you need. All the functions in data & documents can also be reached via our quick icons on the right hand side of the screen.

This Guided Tour shows how to use data & documents

What’s the quickest way to find CAD data for my product?

You can easily generate the CAD data you need via “CAD data” on the Online Support main page. Simply enter the serial number or type designation of the product, specify the product and select the CAD formats. Are you going to be downloading CAD data regularly? Then register as a user and save your required CAD formats in your search settings. If you’re logged in, simply enter your SEW-EURODRIVE quotation or order number and you’ll be able to access the relevant CAD data on your transaction.

This Guided Tour shows the quickest way to collate CAD data

What’s the quickest way of collating documents for multiple inquiries or orders?

We have developed the “Documentation package” to do just that. You’ll find this function within the transaction overview and also via a link in data & documents. Simply enter your quotation or order number and we’ll display all the documents associated with your product. Do you have a project reference already? If the reference was given with the order, you can use it to select all relevant transactions and collate the documents you require.

This Guided Tour shows the quickest way to collate documents

What’s the best way to find documents on SEW-EURODRIVE products?

Information on the SEW-EURODRIVE product offer is available in the “Products” section. The right-hand side of the screen features a link to the relevant documents for each product. If you already know what you require, you can search for specific document numbers or via type designations in the “Data & Documents” section. Are you going to download documents regularly? Then register as a user and you can save the languages and document types you need in your search settings.


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