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This is the place to find the answers to a variety of interesting questions relating to the changeover from the DriveGate customer portal to the new Online Support. The questions and answers are grouped by the process steps “Questions on engineering & selection”, “Questions on inquiry & order”, “Questions on delivery & material flow” and “Questions on startup & maintenance”. You will also come across this structure later on in Online Support.

Are you looking for CAD data, documents, software to download or technical information on your product? You’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions on this under “Questions on data & documents”.

What is Online Support?

Online Support is the new way of accessing all the SEW-EURODRIVE services available online. It’s online, can be used directly and available 24/7. We are completely replacing the DriveGate customer portal in Germany with Online Support, which forms part of the new SEW-EURODRIVE web presence. Around 15 different online services are available here, ensuring you quickly receive the very best support.

Click here to go to the Online Support Guided Tour 

What happens to my previous DriveGate user account?

Your previous DriveGate access will be transferred over to the new Online Support with all the permissions you had before. In the future, login will be even easier as you will simply use your e-mail address you used to register to DriveGate and your previous password. Before the changeover to Online Support, we’ll e-mail you with more information on your user account. Learn more about this in NEXT Steps.

How do I find my way round Online Support?

Online Support is categorized according to the process steps “Engineering & selection”, “Inquiry & order”, “Delivery & material flow” and “Startup & maintenance”. Depending on your position and/or area you work in within your company, you’ll find the relevant functions you need in the different process steps. Are you looking for CAD data, documents, software to download or technical information on your product? This is all available in the “Data & documents” section.

Why do I need a login?

Unlike the DriveGate customer portal, you can initially browse freely in Online Support without a login. You only have to login for functions where we require your specific customer details, both for your security and to provide content tailored to you. For instance, you can easily save CAD formats, document preferences such as languages or documentation types and settings in the product configurator in your user account.

How do I enable a function?

Some functions, e.g. ordering, the transaction overview or access to the spare parts lists, require activation from a member of the SEW-EURODRIVE sales team. As soon as you have requested a particular function, a designated member of the sales team will receive a message and can activate this for you. An Online Support e-mail lets you know as soon as your access has been configured.

Where can I find useful information on the functions available in Online Support?

Click on our infoboxes to open a window that provides you with helpful information and useful tips on the offered functions.

What can I do in “Individual settings”?

In “Individual settings”, you can change your user data, request additional permissions and functions or quite simply configure specific settings, e.g. language for documents and formats for CAD data.

How do I register SEW-EURODRIVE Workbench?

We need your customer details to register SEW-EURODRIVE Workbench, but you need only register once in Online Support. Under “Individual settings”, enter your registration code in “Workbench Registration” and request an authorization code. As soon as a member of the sales team has processed your request, you’ll receive an authorization code by e-mail.

Where can I find more information on the services available in Online Support?

Use our infoboxes – the Online Support main page and various applications feature integrated infoboxes that you can click on as and when you need to. You can access further information in the services section of our website by clicking on “Read more”. All of the content is structured in the same way as in Online Support based on the process steps “Engineering & Selection”, “Inquiries & Orders”, “Delivery & Material Flow” and “Operation & Maintenance”. This means finding your way around is simple and intuitive and allows you to gain a quick overview of our services.


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